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In Greek, the angel is described as  “a messenger of news”. This spiritual being has its mission, the purpose - to bring more of good and harmony. Therefore, I believe that an angel is necessary for our home.

Stylised messengers of good news are the symbols - therefore they are faceless without any characteristic features… Nevertheless, these transparent beings glow in the sunlight! Only glass makes the angels so bright, unearthly, so tempted to touch and fill yourself with lightness!

Often angels are made for special occasions - as a gift for weddings, christening ceremony, First Communion, anniversaries or for any other special occasion.

Angels in couples standing next to each other are very likeable for those who are looking for a meaningful weddings present: two feathered figures accidentally following each other’s motion - even though they look for the heaven, they are not identical. The relation between them becomes the essence of a gift.

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