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Do your home or office lack special atmosphere? An accent of home décor? A meaningful gift? Or maybe you need a small lovely detail to feel cosy at home?

The art of glass has been fascinating people for ages. Fragile and strong, transparent and reflective. It breaks the rays of light, it is easy to play with, it creates illusions. It might be a bit warm, cosy and sleek as if just out of waves - a bit cold and transparent as ice, in a sharp form.

Glass may embody various emotions, ideas, moods, even wishes. My favourite small plastic, little pieces of glass, suits here very well. Some of them fit on a palm as talismans, others require more space and light they revive in.

Having dwelled on your table, in your book shelf or windowsill, they will warm your space, will make it special, unique and will remind you your special moments of life, will fill your heart and eyes with joy.


ELONAGLASS stained-glasses are not traditional stained-glasses when for the junctions lead strip is used. It is a unique way when the elements are bonded on a metal grid or just the piece is solid without any additional elements; in this way fully absorbing the potential of glass plastic.

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